Mediation. Instead of going to court in Romania

Be it for business related disputes, civil matters, family matters or even for some of the criminal cases, when it comes to litigation, Romania (as most of the countries) has its problems and, as everywhere, going to court means time, uncertainty of favourable result, publicity for things one would want kept private, lots of resources spent and so on.

Fortunately there is another way of solving a dispute: Mediation.

In the mediation process the benefits are countless and for the sake of the length of this page we will name only a few that we find most important and desirable whenever a conflict or dispute arises:

  1. the parties have the chance of solving the dispute in confidentiality.
  2. they have the freedom of choice. The decision belongs to the parties, as opposed to courts where the judge decides.
  3. less time and money spent. You may be able to achieve results much faster than in court, with less money spent, and in some cases to continue the old relationships and avoid breaking them over a case in court.
  4. the mediated agreement is final and immediately enforceable by law
  5. if you do not reach an agreement, the way to court remains open as always
  6. you are not alone, you can be assisted by your lawyers in this process

Our law office offers advice on Alternate Dispute Resolution and assistance in the process if needed.